That's an standalone pluggable http-rpc-server

It can process and respond with different data formats, depending on url.

It has JSON, XMLRPC, YAML and PHP::Serialize data format plugins.

For each rpc procedure theres corresponding controller, and you can define user groups that have access to this procedure.

So, basically processing goes as follows:

HTTP->data-format plugin binded to this uri->rpc-procedure controller->data-format plugin binded to this uri->HTTP.

Server depends on: Net::Server::PreFork, Time::HiRes, HTTP::Daemon, HTTP::Response, Module::MultiConf and YAML, JSON, PHP::Serialization, Frontier::RPC for data formats.

You can look at examples for more info on it.

Oh, and for now, "value" structure in client requests should always be present.

And make sure that you use paths to plugins/controllers, and not their names in config.